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January 12, 2010


Melanie S.

Sometimes the unexpected things that come in mail are the best! I wish I could sit down for a weekend and just card a ton of cards to have on hand. I think you have given me an idea :) Thanks!


its like a little hug when you get a card in the mail

just jennifer

I should send more cards... maybe I will now! Thanks for the reminder :)

Angela L.

What an amazing tidbit... I've lost touch with a few really good friends of mine just because I wouldn't write or send cards... Now that I'm getting older, I really regret it! Just a note, I love the "something to think" about post below...


Thank you for the reminder about the importance of sending cards and notes, Laura!

Sherry B

You are so right! I dont send things often enough. Curly Girl design has really cute things!

Janine R.

How sweet of you! I always WANT to send more cards. I just need to DO it! I know the recipients really appreciate it,....thanks for the reminder!


Girl, I miss your work. Your layouts are always so happy. I'd love to see the cards you send, I'm sure your family and friends totally appreciate it. Paper fiend...you described me to a T..LOL!! Get your scrappy butt going, girl...miss your stuff! :)

diana daijogo

your story has reminded me how much I love receiving happy mail too- I definitely need to send some of my own. Thanks!

diana daijogo

Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing the love!! Good luck in the drawing :)

  Yvette Russell

Hi laura! You have some amazing layouts here! i am super impressed that you have a blog. I feel like I know someone famous now. and yes, i am inspired to send out cards. (now let's see if i actually do it)

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